Ceiling Designs

Top Ceiling Designs for 2018

Ceiling or domes are always the most ignored part of the house. Investments never happen for them on a significant scale. In case if you think in the same fashion, it is high time to give it a try. With numerous ceiling designs avail
able in the market, it is never a challenge to pick the best ones available. However, in order to help the readers, a few ceiling designs are discussed below that you can try.

Ceiling with Paints
The conventional eight feet high ceiling will never impress anyone, so you
should never be optimistic about turning your expectations on cloud nine. On the contrary, if you are going for paints, it will somewhat attract the audience. But, at the time of painting the ceiling, always pick light colours for maximum attraction.
Ceiling With Papers
Wallpapering is a new practice in
trend for the year 2018. But households can go for wallpapering only when their ceilings are flat. Flat ceilings can be fabricated further with crown mouldings. With crown mouldings, an illusion of depth can be easily created for the ceiling.

Cathedral Ceiling Designs

Another old ceiling design to be considered for a biblical ambiance. Cathedral ceilings can give maximum elevation to the house but they are monotonous and fail to impress the audiences. But when you go with the cathedral ceiling, it can easily manage to pull off an old charming effect.

Coffered Ceiling
The fusion of horizontal and vertical panels on the ceiling can easily recreate a gigantic waffle design. As this design follows a geometric pattern, it will add dramatism and elegance. In this way, you can easily make your house neighbourhood envy.

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