Terrace Gardens Design

Five ideas to enhance your terrace garden

Terrace garden designs in India are quite popular in recent days, be it densely populated urban areas or quiet rural areas, everyone loves to have a beautiful greenish garden. Love for gardening is ever ending for some people because a garden with various colors will add freshness to your mind and home. You can build a beautiful garden if you have a backyard, but does this mean a home with no yard can never have a terrace garden? With proper design ideas, you can still have a most beautiful garden on your roof or terrace where you can sit and relax. Any empty or small space in your yard or on the patio or terrace is more than enough to create this haven.
Building a garden at the terrace is not as easy as it is like backyard gardening because planting in the ground soil is not same as planting shrubs in the rooftop it requires proper research, planning, and ideas from garden specialists. However, with appropriate design ideas and maintenance tips, you can still build a greenish environment on your terrace.
Here are some guidelines which can help you in designing beautiful roof garden if you are already planning for one:
1. Planning and Research
The first step for perfect gardening is proper planning and research. First, make a list of plants or shrubs or trees which you like to plant in your garden, then do a proper analysis on its maintenance. Once your list is ready, you can purchase required containers, pots of different sizes, and other materials. A mixture of various colors and size will enhance the look of your garden.
2. Choice of Furniture
If you like to create some relaxing space in your garden, you can decide on the type of furniture which is required to produce a sit out on your terrace. If you can add some theme or style to your garden design, you can utilize this space for your tea time or even dinner.
3. Choice of colors for rooftop
For creating an appealing rooftop, you should consider painting your roof walls, floors furniture and railings as well. To have a pleasing rooftop avoid using more colors, because using more colors will give a cluttered look to your garden, instead try to choose 2 or 3 colors. For better appealing look pick some neutral colors like beige, gray or indigo.

4. Plants and its colors Choice
Your choice of plants also adds some beautiful looks to your garden. Planting tall plants or trees will enhance the look, and it will also create a peaceful environment because tall trees hide the busy city from your view. Also, consider planting more shrubs and plants of various colors.

5. Garden Lighting
Ensure that your garden is well- lit during dusk. Include some ideas for your garden lighting, because it gives more pleasing look during evenings. You can enjoy your cup of tea in a serene environment.

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