About Us

Casa Deluxe is your retail destination to implement your imagination for decorating your interiors and exteriors with the materials, colors, and class you associate with your true self.

We at Casa Deluxe, offer you variety of floor covering, wall coverings, window solutions, ceiling solutions to suit the eclectic taste of your interiors. We are also there for you, to develop the exteriors of your taste. We provide solutions for decking / cladding / artificial grass / vertical gardens / pergolas or trellis for your tasteful exteriors.

A multi-brand and multi-product display at our showrooms tries to offer you, most of the possible solutions for your interiors and exteriors. The quality of display, adds to the ease of understanding and comparing the options available for the solutions you are looking for.

We, provide the end to end solutions for all the products that we offer which mean you can sit back and enjoy our hassle-free service on finalization of products of your choice.


Come, unleash the designer in you and develop/redo your living abode/office spaces with Casa Deluxe