Ceiling Designs

A glimpse at ceiling designs!

Gone are those days when people used to have flat floor ceilings, with a large number of people entering in the field of interiors and architecture, the scope and choices of everything have widened. Just like we have wide choices in the smallest of things, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to ceiling designs.
Starting with one which can give your homes a rustic vibe and will not let you feel suffocated is the Exposed beam light, where the beams and pipes are exposed and give the home space an open feel, loftier and a unique touch to the home. Tray ceiling style is another one where the ceiling has a cutout design and the mid part of the ceiling is recessed where you can have beam lights are exposed and homeowners have the choice of coloring or have any other design in the mid-part.
Another beautiful ceiling design is the vaulted design where the slope may be angled to the shape of the roof that meets me in the middle, uneven or have an only single slope. Barrel vaulted ceilings are one of the types in the vaulted design which creates a strikingly different look to the home. The list of unique design keeps on going which includes Domed Ceiling design which is usually seen in the churches and government buildings which is usually topped with lights or glasses to let in natural light that adds an extra edge to the design. Coffered styling designs are yet another beautiful design which comprises of recurrent rectangular or square panels where a lighting fixture or a ceiling fan can be attached to the centremost of the square.
There are some old ceiling designs which are still existing and are in demand, Originated in late 1800’s these are less expensive metal designs which are added to ceiling designs to give an element of design to the conventional flat and white ceilings. Apart from these new and innovative designs, wood ceilings look as appealing as the others and have their own elegance which is hard to steal.
The ceiling is well known as the fifth wall in a room which adds a dynamic element in the home décor. Ceiling design can be transformed even after the construction and is flexible in terms of design irrespective of the height of the ceiling. With all these choices available to the homeowner, he can personalize his home décor and ceiling designs accordingly.

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